KENET/KMTC Digital Inclusion Faculty Training


Project Overview

A KENET managed project geared towards enhancing online teaching, learning, and administration through digital means by training 144 lecturers drawn from 71 Kenya Medical Training Campuses (KMTC) in Kenya. This was a hands-on workshop (delivered virtually) on developing interactive eLearning content for blended learning.

My key activities for this project are:

  • Facilitating training on the development of interactive eLearning modules.
  • Training the participants on uploading content to the institution's Learning Management System.
  • Providing the necessary support to the lectures when developing the online modules.
  • Guide and train the trainees on how to develop online content and deliver the content.
  • Development of the assessment rubric in collaboration with the Faculty Training experts and conducting assessment of the KMTC faculty using developed assessment rubric.

Project Details

  • Type: Capacity buildind, Consulting
  • Client: Kenya Education network (KENET)
  • Date: March 2021


  • Instructional design
  • Moodle LMS tarinining for instructors
  • eLearning content development
  • Multimedia design
  • Storyboarding


  • Moodle LMS
  • OpenShot
  • Open Braodcaster Software (OBS)

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