About Me

I’m an eLearning Developer and Consultant passionate about identifying and working on innovative approaches to improve learning and performance and is committed to supporting organizations and individuals seeking to start, scale, or improve their learning and development initiatives through digital learning interventions.

I work with clients internationally on projects to strategize, design, implement, and evaluate learning approaches and improve individual and organizational performance.

I have diverse experience and expertise in the eLearning field which include setting up virtual learning environments, developing instructionally sound eLearning modules, capacity building for individuals and organizations, and helping organizations in identifying and implementing appropriate learning solutions for their eLearning initiatives.

  • Transition to online/remote learning
  • Develop a learnig and development startegy
  • Convert their ILT/legacy content to eLearning courses
  • Build capacity for their eLearning team(s)
  • Implement Learning Management Systems for learning and development
  • Maximize their learning and development capacity

8+ Years Experience Developing Innovative eLearning Solutions

120+ Courses developed
30+ Workshops
10 LMSs implemented

Organizations Worked With

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