Recent Projects

University of Nairobi

eLearning Consulting
Building human resource capacity at the College of Health Sciences for implementation and up-scaling of e-learning mode of training.

Camara Education

eLearning Content Development and Consulting
Implementing eLearning capacity building programs for teachers continuous professional development in ICT.

AGRHYMET Regional Centre

eLearning Training and Workshops
Facilitating eLearning training and workshops on the development, implementation and monitoring of distance education programs.

AGRHYMET Regional Centre

LMS Development and eLearning Consulting
Niamey, Niger
Setting a virtual learning environment for supporting distance learning initiatives and equipping the project's team with the necessary tools for the implementation of distance learning activities.

eLearning Innovators

eLearning Content Development and Consulting
Developing interacting and personalized eLearning courses using Articulate 360 and iSpring while providing consulting services on best eLearning approaches and strategies.


LMS Development and eLearning Training
Implementation of a Learning Management System for supporting institutes learning initiative. The eLearning platform is configured to deliver eLearning content within the institute’s local area network. It’s also configured to support mobile learning and students can access the courses via the Moodle mobile and desktop app. The project also involved training members of the ICT department on how to manage and maintain the platform and the teaching staff on how to create and deliver eLearning courses using the Moodle LMS.
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