Preparing Your Course Materials for Online Delivery

Learner engagement is key towards delivering an effective student-centred learning experience. Offering such an experience goes beyond translating existing lecture materials into an online format and publishing them on your Learning Management System. It requires timely communication with learners, exploring creative ways of presenting the content to the learners and setting up activities that will encourage learners participation and foster knowledge retention. This can include integrating the lecture materials with multimedia elements such as audio, interactive graphics and videos, responding to learners’ queries in time, having moderated discussion forums.

Take the following into account when packaging your course materials for online access:

Accessibility of your course materials.

Be cognizant and sensitive to the fact that some students may have unique accessibility needs that require accommodation. Ensure that most of the learners, especially those with disabilities, will be able to access the course with ease and go through the course content without much difficulties.

Assessment of learners

The normal means of evaluating learners in a physical classroom will not work for online learning, decide what you’re going to do about any high-stakes assessments, such as exams. You may need to alter your grading strategies and take advantage of the assessment features provided by your LMS such as peer review, quizzes, assignments, online exams, measuring student participation in online discussion forums,  and making use of online proctoring tools.

Content authoring

Most Learning Management Systems allow creation of eLearning courses within the platform hence eliminating the need for third-party courseware authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate and many others. However, selecting the best option for developing your content will be influenced by the nature of the content and the desired level of interactivity desired for your online courses.

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