Mobile Learning For Corporate Training

The mobile learning landscape is continually growing and smartphone devices are now perceived as a valuable asset to improve and enhance work productivity. With their rate of adoption rapidly increasing, most companies are looking for ways mobile technologies can give them a competitive advantage. A significant area in which to find this advantage is in mobile learning, skill development, and performance improvement. Given this shift to mobile technology, mobile learning (mLearning) is becoming an important area of focus for many organizations looking to push learning and development to their audience that has smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

m-Learning is already presenting a number of benefits for those who are already taking advantage of it. Its adoption promotes ROI on the training budget and offers the employees a much efficient and flexible way of easily developing new skills and improving their performance. Some of the other benefits that adoption of mobile learning in an organization can offer include:

  • On-the-job support by allowing your employees to access the content anytime they need it while working
  • Serving as microlearning delivery platform for your content
  • Gamified learning which greatly increases learner engagement and interaction
  • Offering learners a personalized learning experience
  • Can easily be used to deliver content in offline environments.

It’s important to first assess if using mobile learning is the right solution for your corporate training needs. Not every organization’s training needs can be solved by mobile learning. Poor implementation will not only lead to waste of resources and time but will also make the employees disengaged with the learning process. It’s key to ensure that proper technical, instructional design and visual design strategies are followed when implementing m-learning in order to achieve the desired L&D objectives. A measuring and evaluation strategy also needs to be in place. Below are some of the key things that can also be considered jut to determine of m-Learning is right for your corporate training.

  • If your learning platform is accessible via mobile and how pleasant its user experience is on small screens.
  • The preferences of your employees/target audience. Are they tech-savvy/how comfortable are they using mobile devices? Do they have access to the required mobile devices?
  • Can your content be adapted for small screens and how easy is it to do so?
  • Do you need the skills to be applied on the job immediately?

What’s your take on Mobile learning for corporate training?

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